GanttPV 0.10

Simple and effective project management tool


  • Very easy to get going and use
  • Ideal for small projects or companies


  • Is not rich in advanced project management features
  • Interface could do with brightening up a bit

Not bad

Project managers should do one thing - make your life easier rather than more complicated. However, that's easier said than done sometimes because many project managers take more time to work out than help plan your time.

GanttPV on the other hand is an extremely simple and slimmed down project manager which can define tasks, task durations, dependencies, start dates, and holidays. It's ideal for managers, project leaders and anyone else with a team of employees to manage. GanttPV takes all of your variables and then converts them into a Gantt chart which you can print out and give to your team.

GanttPV is especially useful at helping you allocate the number of hours a project will probably take and then keep you on top of what needs to be completed and finished to keep the project going. However, bear in mind that this is a very simple project management tool - there aren't half the options you might find in a bigger package such as contact lists, reminder alarms or online sharing features.

GanttPV is a great tool for those managing small projects that don't require too much complicated planning or don't involve a huge number of employees.



GanttPV 0.10

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